Week four

Workbook activities

Re-recording of news script

Reflection of news recording

My second recording of the SBS News script has improved.  This week, I practiced and recorded my script a few times to get the technical aspects of my speech correct. Articulation is one of the important aspects I wanted to work on.  Ames (2016) explains that clarity is all important and derives from clear enunciation of the sounds that comprise words. By practicing, breathing and opening my mouth more I found my pronunciation has improved since my first recording. Another aspect I wanted to work on was volume and projection.  Volume is easy; you can speak more loudly or more softly. Projection needs training; it is the control of breathing to “cast” your voice (Ames 2016 p. 4). I did some breathing and counting exercises that aims to improve projection and I found my voice could be heard better.

I still find I need to breath more and lower my voice but this recording is an improvement on week one’s recording.

Movie – In a World

The main character, Carol, plays a freelance voice-over coach struggling to gain work. With regards to performance, during recordings I noticed that Carol gets ‘in the zone’ and becomes calm and focused. Ames (2016) explains that clarity is all important and derives from clear enunciation of the sounds that comprise words.  Carol demonstrates her articulation well as she begins by lowering her voice and says her speech slowly and with intent. I noticed the other characters also were quite expressive with their faces and hand movements. Even though it is voice over and their movements can’t be seen in the movie trailer, the enthusiasm or drama can be felt through their voice. Carol was often recording foreigners speech so their accents could be used for a later purpose.  This method showed the importance of technique.  Using a foreign accent can be difficult but for Carol to master the dialect, she needed to practice the vowels.

Techniques to alter the voice is important in speech training to ensure a successful performance. Cottrell (2015) states that  vocal mechanism mostly consists of muscles, and while there may be some natural variation in size and shape from one person to another, these vocal muscles can be developed.  In preparation for voice-overs, the characters warmed up their muscles with lip blowing, exaggerated sounds, opening the mouth and relaxing their faces. At one point, Carol also had an actress place a cork in her mouth to assist with vowel and accent pronunciation.

All the techniques mentioned above have a positive impact on the result of the character’s speech performance. The exercises performed before a voice-over relax the voice and prepare the larynx for a better sound.  According to Carol (2013), a good voice has perfect tone and a strong sound.  By exercising and practicing voice techniques, the outcome a is stronger and more confident performance.



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In a World 2013, motion picture, Stage 6 Films, Distributed roadside Attractions, and starring Lake Bell.