DGTL12002 Week 4

Referring either to one of Aaron Koblin’s projects from exercise 4.1 above, the “one frame of fame” website linked below, or another you know of that employs crowdsourcing, briefly discuss whether or not you think it is innovative in terms of social media, produsage and crowdsourcing. Refer to concepts introduced this week in the text book, the lecture and course resources. Be sure to provide a link to the site you are writing about in your blog. Also make use of an image if possible. With screen captures, make sure you note the URL where you sourced the image and, the date viewed, as part of your caption.


The Johnny Cash Project by Aaron Koblin is a creative and innovative project that allows users to contribute to a Johnny Cash music video through artistic scene creation.  Bruns (cited in Holmes 2014) explains that key characteristic of produsage allows “fluid movement of produsers between roles as leaders, participants, and users of content – such produsers may have backgrounds ranging from professional to amateur”.  This a great description of how Kobin’s site works; it allows users (not matter their ability) to create slides for the video.  The social media and crowdsourcing aspect of the site comes in to play as users are the key contributors and are able to interact due to a shared artistic interest.  Holmes (2014) confirms that crowdsourcing allows “organisations to take advantage of the talent of the public through broadbased calls to submit ideas, solutions or content.  It is seen as a variant of the notion of outsourcing to sub-contractors and may or may not promise financial reward, more often relying on the motivations of reputation and notoriety”.  The Johnny Cash Project is beautifully relaxing product and offers a visually stunning result.

Here is my contribution to the project: http://www.thejohnnycashproject.com/#/my-contributions

Johnny Cash project



Holmes, A 2014, DGTL12002 Working with Social Media: study guide week 3, CQUniversity, Rockhampton.

The Johnny Cash Project, viewed 3 August 2016, http://www.thejohnnycashproject.com/#


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