DGTL12002 Week 2

Choose at least two out of the six of the following terms of reference to make further comments about the site you have been reviewing and the services it offers:

  • Trustworthiness of the site
  • Reputations of members
  • Ownership of content
  • Moderation of risks
  • Management of content
  • User interface and customisation

Trustworthiness – Timelines of Facebook users are flooded with friends’ posts, advertisement, suggested likes and sponsored marketing.  To the average person, seeing is believing. Unfortunately, Facebook is how some people tend to get their news and assume everything is true if it’s on Facebook. Truths and reality can often become lies and blurred because there really are no boundaries on what is reported on this SNS. Really, it is the other saying that users should be considering more – don’t believe everything you read.

Most users would more than likely be able to trust what their friends are posting and as eMarketer (2010) explains the “one thing that makes social media marketing powerful is consumers’ trust in “people like them”—their friends, family and other online peers. It is where social conversations take place has an effect on their perceived trustworthiness as well as who is taking part in them”.  So in terms of trustworthiness with those we know on Facebook, it is quite positive.  However, due to the amount of traffic and information on Facebook, users must be vigilant and aware as to what is actually true and what is just trying to generate publicity through a wider audience.


User interface and customisation – In terms of Facebook’s interface and customisation, it is constantly changing but still quite easy to navigate.  In the beginning it was just a basic profile page with some information about yourself, being able to send messages to friends and add photos.  Now, users can host multiple pages, upload videos, advertise and even run businesses that generate an income.

Users are now able to change profile photos at any time, add their brand to a page, pay fees to reach a larger audience and “unfollow” pages that they don’t wish to see the content of.  The privacy setting can be customised as to what your preferences are; anything from completely private to entirely public.

As far as SNS go, Facebook is one of the most flexible to change and customise a user’s profile.



What makes social media trustworthy? 2010, eMarketer, viewed 24 July 2016, http://www.emarketer.com/Article/What-Makes-Social-Media-Trustworthy/1007863


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