Week nine

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Week 9 news release

Learning reflection

Since choosing to complete this course earlier in the year, I have been looking forward to improving my speech and script skills to increase my chances of gaining employment as a professional communicator.  Coincidentally, just before term started I applied and accepted a position at an Electorate office doing administration and communication work for a state MP. It has been a great starting point for my career as a professional communicator.

I have found the weeks for COMM12033 Speech and Script well paced and covered a comprehensive range of subjects. Weeks 4 (Performance), Week 5 (Institutional Talk) and Week 8 (Writing Speech-Speech Writing) have been most useful to me.  Week 4 discussed performative characteristics in speech, technical aspects of speech and impact of performance in speech.  Ames (2016) explained that clarity is all important and derives from clear enunciation of the sounds that comprise words. By practicing, breathing and opening my mouth more I found my pronunciation had improved from Week 1 to Week 4 of my voice recordings. Week 5 identified the key points for speech writing. Hertiage and Clayman (2010) discussed rule of three, lists and contrasts. I found these techniques assisted me to understand what makes an effective speech.  During Week 8 we discussed the process of writing a formal speech. Berko, Wolvin, & Wolvin (1998) explained topical arrangement and case formatting which proved to be greatly beneficial as it helped me think about how to construct my script for Assignment 2.

Before starting this course I had no speech or script writing experience but I needed to learn these skills to advance at work. I can definitely say that my understanding of speaking and scripting writing has improved dramatically.  The performance techniques and activities have helped me speak better and more confidently. The movie ‘In a World’ (2013) proved to be a good learning tool to understand the techniques and fundementals of narration.  In preparation for voice-overs, the characters warmed up their muscles with lip blowing, exaggerated sounds, opening the mouth and relaxing their faces. At one point, the character Carol also had an actress place a cork in her mouth to assist with vowel and accent pronunciation. I didn’t expect it to be beneficial but it was good platform to get the message of performance and technique across.

Blogging isn’t something I have tried before. Of course, I have read and followed blogs but I have never considered starting one myself.  I found it has improved my confidence with writing publicly, discovered a good visual reflection platform and has created a permanent space where I can record my university studies.  The aspect of the Course Coordinator reviewing and giving feedback on the progress of the blog was also beneficial as it encouraged improvement.

After completing the readings and activities, I feel confident that I am ready to complete my speech for Assignment 2.  However, the aspects I am most worried about are the performance of the speech and constructing the format of the speech.  I have completed the outline and notes of my speech and will just need to get a move along to start writing it.  In regards to performance, it may take a few rehearsals to get my speed and volume right but as long as I have made a good improvement from where I initially started, I’ll be happy.



Ames, K 2016, ‘Lesson 4 – Performance,’ COMM12033 Speech and Script, CQUniversity, Brisbane, viewed 31 March 2016,  https://moodle.cqu.edu.au/pluginfile.php/293232/mod_resource/content/6/COMM12033_Week4_Mod.pdf.

Berko R., Wolvin, A., & Wolvin, D. (eds.), 1998, Communication : a social and career focus, Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, pp. 326-353, URL: http://library-resources.cqu.edu.au/cro/protected/comm12033/comm12033_cro2368.pdf.

Heritage, J and Clayman, S 2010 Talk in Action: Interactions, Identities, and Institutions, Wiley- Blackwell, West Sussex, pp. 263-287.

In a World 2013, motion picture, Stage 6 Films, Distributed roadside Attractions, and starring Lake Bell.




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